Abuse of power against a peaceful elderly citizen

Abuse of power against a peaceful elderly citizen

A country led by Delinquent, no principles of Law survive, whatsoever.

SIC (criminal investigation Police) in Angola use excessive force against a poor citizen, thus violating the principle of the presumption of innocence. It should be noted that such behavior is characteristic of the police in Angola, which sometimes have make a militia like attitude where no Laws are observed.

If we are all equal before the Law and considering that the protection of human rights through a regime of law is essential, so that it is not ultimately compelled, the revolt against tyranny and oppression, the violent regime of Angola is yet to help that such behavior didn’t become a reality.

The police officer on duty in country makes the Laws his own and capable of changing them as he wishes. Many even say that they are the Law and not the enforcement.

Had not the head of the ministry encouraged the behavior nor could any law enforcement acted as such. Eugénio Saborinho, Minister of Interior himself, was the man who encouraged violence against peaceful citizens, by using expressions like “the police do not distribute candies”.

The police violence against citizens is far from encountering a healthy ground in Angola.

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