Activist Alexandre Kuanga Nzito, President of ADCDH was arrested on Wednesday 10/07/2020

Activist Alexandre Kuanga Nzito, President of ADCDH was arrested on Wednesday 10/07/2020

I was arrested yesterday 7/10/2020 in defense of the population of Mbata Manga / Buco Zau by the guidance of José Macaia Municipal administrator who considers himself King of Buco Zau, who was called Ma- MBUCO- NDEMBI, FhUMU KIONZU.
Yesterday at around 9 am local time, ADCDH arrived in the Municipality of Buco Zau in order to accompany the end of the case of the death of the gold miner Damião Mabiala and, consequently, to meet with the injured population in Mbata Manga.
Having a conversation with the coordinator of that village, we heard from him and instructed us to go to the administrator for more information. Put in the administration, we were received by his secretary who introduced us.
As soon as I opened my mouth to say who I am, the administrator was exalted:
You are the one who published that I distributed the houses in Bata manga, you don’t know what the central government’s orientation is, whoever I am the administrator, who destroyed it is a company, you dirty me, be careful, I can give you another distinction, you sought the cell phone appealed on my page, your face is here, you are the one who published it, you messed me up at the national level, I’m very nervous, I said to your collaborators: they call the police to stop you, he called the municipal commander himself, but the police took too long on arriving, i asked if i was told stay there police are coming. Two agents arrived who had escorted me to the municipal command where I stayed for four hours, then I was heard by the director of the municipal criminal investigation who prepared the report and I wait for the notification.

Alexandre Kuanga Nzito

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  1. Dear friends
    I am Jean Paul, the DRC Congolese human rights activist. I am very preoccupied for the Angolan activist Alexndre Nkuanga Nsito. It ‘s show that in Africa, to be human rights activist is a synonym to expose your life.
    Together we are strong.
    Free Alexandre !
    Jean Paul

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