Angolan human right Activist Jorge  Massuquidi shot seven times on his legs

Angolan human right Activist Jorge Massuquidi shot seven times on his legs

The Government critic Angolan Activist Jorge Kisseque Massuquidi was hit with seven shots in the lower limbs, on his way to negage town, Province of Uige. The actors of this savage act left a message. “We were not ordered to kill you this time, but let the warning stay”

It is important to remember that Jorge Massuquidi is an Angola human rights activist who started denouncing elected individuals’ corruption and government-owned embezzle of various properties and riches belonging to the government for personal gain by those who were supposed to protect them. He has been threatened to death multiple times, was once detained and then release but all activists in Angola believe something would arise against the activist sooner or later, knowing the operating strategies of the regime in Angola. The Angolan activist both in the country and overseas did not see it as a surprise for they knew it would come sooner or later when you dare to denounce anything related to the regime.

They release you to look good in the public eyes and then secret persecution starts right after your release. This is what leads to many activist death and actions of which are then associated with the never captured criminals but we can confirm those deaths are mostly caused by Angola regime SIC, SINSE, and other known torture and death squads to name a few.

The mastermind of that savage crime against the activist is allegedly the Uige Governor Sergio Luther Rescova for the Activist has been for quite some time the stumbling block on his feet since his appointment for that Province, thus Jorge (the activist) is seen as a threat. The activist had also called for demonstration that would take place a day before the shooting

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