Orlando Castro, journalist, writer and Deputy Director of Jornal Folha 8, in the program Mar de Letras, spoke of his memories, those that have their starting point in New Lisbon, the current city of (Huambo) in Angola that fortunately continue on Portuguese lands (in Portugal).

 Memories that describe the long journey of this great son from Portugal and Angola, which today makes us understand why Journalism and writing in his life.

 Memories that also elucidated us that Orlando de Castro is a defender of old and lasting causes, such as the question of the Right of Self-Determination of the People of Cabinda, which can be realized, according to him, “for a very simple reason”, and taking into account “that  it applies to Cabinda as it applies to our lives in general, only those who stop fighting are defeated.  And I do not believe that the people of Cabindas stop fighting and therefore they will win this case when it is not known, since at the level of International Law Cabinda had the Statute, as you know as Protectorate.  On the 25th of April it was annexed to Angola in a rather confusing way and started to constitute a province of Angola, reminding Timor – Leste that it was also annexed and became an Indonesian province and then it happened”.

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