Human rights activist Alexandre Nsito says; the police in Cabinda are more violent than COVID-19.

Human rights activist Alexandre Nsito says; the police in Cabinda are more violent than COVID-19.

The people of Cabinda suffer from ignorance. I do not understand how as a citizen you accept in a broad daylight an FAA (Angola Armed Forces) military to ask you to jump into the Lucola River four times and then demands you to lie down on the soil, not only at Lucola but at all crossroads where the FAA soldiers are located in Cabinda, because of the use of the masks. Alexandre urges the Minister Commander to tell your troops that the masks are to be worn in confined spaces, in the car, in the store, in the market and in places with the highest concentration of people for region without a single case as is Cabinda. Even if the citizen has no mask, the FAA military has no power to do harm peaceful citizens that protects them above all.

The Cabinda municipal command in Papa Ngoma street is a torture center, all because of both provincial commander and interior Ministry Police chief who does not punish the second commander behavior, with several criminal cases weighing on him filed by human right activists and some of the backyard sellers of that zone.

Alexandre Nsito, the chairperson of A.D.C.D.H. reported that on Saturday May 16, 2020 Cabinda citizens detained for not wearing masks were tortured in such a way that one of them shit his pants and another cracked his head. They were tortured with a metal cylinder and gun butts. For this reason, the representation of the Angola Attorney General’s Office in Cabinda, improvised a cabinet at that squad but the situation worsens every day. Alexandre believes the Prosecutor within that command should take a shift as a remedy to lessen the grief on the people at the area.

Alexandre Kuanga Nsito was confronted by Muguilo Fernando on the social media to which he responded as the Chairperson of a human rights association at the region.

“I know you were born in a tyranny regime where the executive commands speak louder over that of the so-called courts, so it is normal for you to diminish the fundamental rights that are our physical integrity”

Alexandre Kwanga Nsito is an entrepreneurship teacher, human rights activist and founder of Association for the Development of the culture of Human Rights (A.D.C.D.H.) one of the most focal and fearless advocacy movements in Cabinda for the defense of human rights and peaceful intermediator of the long existing armed conflict between Angola regime MPLA and FLEC FAC in that particular region and happens to be the main source of persecution, arbitrary detentions, torturing, murdering and all other sorts of violation of rights by the Angola army and related entities. Alexandre has been socially punished, bashed by regime related propaganda machines, psychologically attacked, frightened and names called by various fronts. However, he remains unchanged and does not seem to backward what he advocates and believe is the best for his people, the cause and the homeland.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Alexandre Nsito our person of the week on behalf of the human rights in Cabinda.

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