I cannot remain silent before so many injustices in Cabinda, says the president of UCI

I cannot remain silent before so many injustices in Cabinda, says the president of UCI

Mauricio Gimbi, the president of UCI (Cabindans Union for Independence) stated in highly patriotic sentiment how he could not remain silent amid all the injustices and unnecessary warmongering in Cabinda

I cannot remain silent in the face of so many injustices in Cabinda. I am the son of Cabinda; I am a true Cabindan, and no one can take that away from me. There will be peace in Cabinda only when justice is restored. It was disgusting and disgusting to hear the declarations of the governor of Cabinda Eng. Marcos Alexandre Nhunga, our countryman (Cabinda) when he stated that there is no armed conflict in Cabinda.

Honestly, even with so much evidence, do you still want to lie to the Cabinda people? What kind of heart do you have? despite being a son of this land, aware of the cause, do you still prefer to be the devil’s advocate?

The governor said he is more concerned with CORONAVIRUS than with the armed conflict with FLEC, I ask? How many human lives did CORONAVIRUS take away in Cabinda? If we take stock of the human lives lost during these 45 years of political-military conflict between the Angola regime and Cabindan people, the math will take us to almost one million lives, and still, it is not enough? How many lives will be lost for you to realize that it is necessary to have a serious dialogue and find a definitive solution for this cause?

Dear patriarchs, young leaders and people of Cabinda, the Angolan regime violence will not make them perpetuate in Cabinda.

Mauricio Gimbi says to your fellow citizens that the Angolan regime will not be strong forever and he and refers to one of Abraham Lincoln’s quotes.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

We are Makongo, Mangoyo, and Maloango, the land that we inherited from our ancestors that was given to them by God as a sacred gift. It will not be with the forces of arms that the people of Cabinda will surrender, the land is ours, you came through the window and you need to talk to us, as the Portuguese did with our ancestors when they arrived here. We have nothing to fear, our cause is fair. Before God, we will be on our knees, but before an equal man, we will always be on our feet.

We Cabindans are all open to honest dialogue.

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