Linda Mabiala, opines her vision

Linda Mabiala, opines her vision

Linda Mabiala, a Cabinda citizen opines her vision about Cabinda Revolution Leaders, but does not disregard all others.

“I have these Cabinda leaders as a reference and sources of inspiration, not for their mistakes, but for their successes, namely; Luis Ranque Franque, for being the first president of Flec, a pacifist leader, despite the lack of lucidity that characterized the generation of the 40s, 50s and 60s, had a vision of choosing diplomacy as the best way to solve the problem of  Cabinda, having taken the Cabinda issue to the UN and proclaimed in Uganda, August 1, 1975 the independence of Cabinda. Henriques Nzita Tiago, for having been the first leader to take weapons to cabinda, he had a vision that it’d reached a time to expel the Angolan invaders of our territory with fire arms and grenades.  Engineer Mauricio Gimbi, President of UCI, a young leader of the new generation, at 29 years of age, slapped his chest and took the lead of an independent and peaceful political movement in the city of Cabinda, to the court of Cabinda and to the security bodies that they wanted independence from Cabinda, being the first independent leader of the new and quibble of the old generation to demonstrate such an attitude, with his political vision, he created a new approach on an issue of Cabinda that was always a taboo and was asleep, it boosted the debates on social networks about Cabinda, thus clarifying the most disturbed and shared, despite the risks and risks they suffered, causing a new change of logic with their pacifism and philosophical strategies. Father Jorge Casimiro Congo, by incentive or civic activism in Cabinda, clarified several young people from Cabinda on the case, mainly of the new generation with his project Mpalabanda, owner of an investor and inspiring rhetoric.”

Linda Mabiala reiterates that there are so many leaders in Cabinda with qualities, but those four were the ones that has captivated her attention so far.

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