The political leadership of UCI congratulates  ceasefire

The political leadership of UCI congratulates ceasefire

The urban political movement UCI – (Cabindans Union for Independence) released a press statement on June 11, 2019, through the Chief of Presidential Office

The political leadership of the UCI – Union of Cabindeses for Independence, congratulates FLEC’s political leadership on adhering to the ceasefire, responding positively to the appeal made by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres on the Covid-19 pandemic that outbroke the world, thus demonstrating its humanist spirit in terms of valuing human life.

Furthermore, the political leadership of this free organization regrets the death of FLEC-FAC Guerrilla commanders, Estanislau Sumbo Pongo Gomes and Nzita Lelo Maienze, killed in combat as a result of a military incursion by the Angolan Armed Forces in the areas released in a clear disregard for the appeal. ceasefire requested by the UN. Likewise, it regrets the murder of the citizens of the Republic of Congo, Makosso Daniel, and Dembi Alphonse, of whom the chief of the village of Koulombo and his secretary, occurred in the district of Tchiamba-Nzassi at 5 pm on 6 June of the current year, during the incursion of the Angolan Armed Forces into that neighboring territory.

We call on the International community, precisely the UN, to call for the Cabinda pacification process following the conflict resolution mechanisms for a solution based on law and justice. Therefore, we call on the Angolan government to choose the path of dialogue as it is the only reliable way to resolve disputes.

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