Two activists Kalumbila and Jigas arbitrarily imprisoned

Two activists Kalumbila and Jigas arbitrarily imprisoned

The regime of Angola through the Governor of Kwanza Sul, Job Pedro Castelo Capapinha detained two activists, Katumbila and Jigas were arbitrarily detained after participating in the demonstration in solidarity with the family of Rodrigues Eduardo, Former Finance Inspector of kwanza Sul. 

The demonstration was organized by a group of activists who have been in that Province since the days of the first state of emergency in Angola. This inspector denounced the Fraud of the Governor and had a judicial hearing in Luanda, where he was murdered days before the hearing to stop him from speaking. The family, friends, and activists demand justice for the death of the Inspector.

The two activists have been arbitrarily detained while trying to escape the Province after persecution. We have been informed that they were taken to the Municipal Commander of Waku Kungo.

These activists’ lives are in danger. We urge Governor Kwanza Sul to release the activists unconditionally. 

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